is the first web-based information database for lawyers, economists, accountants in Belarus. It supplies professionals with important information about Belarusian laws and justice practices. is a web application with responsive user interface, convenient navigation and plenty of small useful features.
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Profigroup company, the owner of brand, considered us as a partner for the project. We have researched the business domain and determined key lacks of customer satisfaction with competitor’s products. Based on the research, we have developed a plan and started building the system together with Profigroup company. was launched in 2010 and was the first web-based product in its class.


We started the work with a few senior-level developers many years ago. After, the team has been scaled and contained from 5 to 10 developer from time to time. Now we provide support and further development for with a dedicated team of 4 engineers reinforced by 4 part-time engineers.


JavaScript, JQuery, React, Immutable.js, Backbone.js, Babel.js, Lodash, Webpack, Node.js, Gulp, Less, Bootstrap
PHP, MySQL, Memcached, C#, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, LINQ, Ninject, Automapper, JSON.Net, Autofac, MSTest, Log4Net, PostgreSQL, Sphinx Search, SOAP, XML-RPC/JSON-RPC APIs
Ansible, Zabbix, Dedicated Servers
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