Manual Testing

Our manual testing services help customer reduce costs of total development and save money, deliver excellent bug-free product on time and satisfy user experience across platforms.

Estimating costs and results, we develop the optimum testing strategy in every project to find the most effective combination of testing activities. Our expertise, accumulated in various projects and varied business domains successfully, guarantee you to eliminate harmful defects and imperfections and deliver high-quality software products and applications with a faster time-to-market.

As a part of every project team, our QA experts guarantee that the software delivery will meet the business requirements and the highest quality standards. They test the web and mobile applications using the wide range of ingenious, innovative tools and methodologies, verify and validate the requirements and create bug reports in every stage of the project and before delivery to the client.

We also offer excellent testing services by dedicated QA team. Our specialists work exclusively on one project communicating with the client directly and closely collaborating with the client’s staff.

Manual Testing Services


Localization And Internationalization Testing

Localization and Internationalization testing identifies how an application is adapted to different languages, specific cultures and regions


Usability Testing

It gives real information if new software is really intuitive and easy-to-use and users don’t encounter unexpected results and have a poor experience when interacting with app


UI Testing

UI manual testing service is intended to identify various visual bugs and defects in user interface

Functional Testing

Functional testing makes you sure that software works as expected and your business logic and specific requirements are met

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing gives you an understanding of how developed software works for users and performs in real-world scenarios according to specification

Cross-Platform Testing

Cross-platform testing determines the behaviour and work of application or web-product across different platforms, operating system and browsers.

Performance Testing

Our experts determine how system works and performs and examine its stability, speed, reliability, responsiveness, resource usage, etc

Security Testing

Ontime elimination of loopholes and defects is critically important because it prevents intentional or unintentional system intruders that can harm your business in a different way

You Need Our Testing Services If ...

  • You need an independent audit of the present outsourcing company’s services
  • Technical support of a completed project becomes hard
  • You have to enhance product quality for providing product business success
  • You don’t have access to a unique experience, specific tools and testing platforms
  • You don’t have QA specialists with the appropriate skills and knowledge

Why You Should Contact Us

Skilled and Well-Organized Team

We have organized talented QA team according to project needs, the most appropriate skills and experience. You don’t need to waste time for mastering tools, looking for optimal methodologies or hiring the necessary specialists

Custom-Oriented Approach

We choose the testing tools and technologies that achieve goals as fast as possible in every single project

Result-oriented approach

We don’t just find what it is wrong, but give you some recommendation how to fix bugs and make your solution better

Guarantee of Error-Free Software

The product tested by our QA specialists is stable under any conditions and on various system environment, doesn’t present any critical bugs and meets your expectations

Close Collaboration

We easily integrate into your project team and effectively cooperate with anybody. We provide you all information about testing process so that you can control it


We synchronize of our working shifts with business hours in your company

Stages of Testing Process

  • 1

    Analyzing project requirements and developing the effective QA strategy

  • 2

    Determining the right software tools

  • 3

    Setting up the environment and preparing the test data

  • 4

    Implementing tests

  • 5

    Bug reporting

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