Custom Software Development

Automation of business processes, moving to mobile, innovative ideas implementation through software, this all gives you the possibility to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your business, add value to your business in tough competitive environment. If you need to develop new application, improve existing one, or create solution to solve your business problems, contact with Texode and our specialists are ready to make your project true.

Texode Company specializes in full-cycle software development and completing ambitious projects that meet your specific unique business goals and bring significant value to your business.

We are focused on the quality of our services and the reliability of our software, making the development process in-time and cost-effective. As result your end-users will get powerful, friendly, effective and helpful applications and you — up-to-date, robust, scalable and extensible solutions.

Focused on your business needs, Texode’s specialists constantly communicate and collaborate with you. Thanks to this and the fact that most of them are highly skilled, talented, experienced specialists, they deliver you the necessary results at every development stage: from initial UX mockups to testing of ready-to-go software.


We are experts in developing of the following solutions:

  • High Loaded and High Available Applications
  • Full-stack Web Development (web-based products, websites, etc.)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Enterprise Applications
  • Low-Level System Software

Technologies We Use

Web Development

.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Go, SQL and others

Mobile Development

iOS (Swift and Objective C), Android (Java, Kotlin)


MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite and others

Full-Text Search Engines

Sphinx, DTSearch

Project Management

Jira, Confluence

DevOps And Cloud

AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Jenkins

Stages of Development

  • 1
    Research and Analysis

    We analyse the existing state and the expected result, and gather the requirements.

  • 2
    Prototyping and UX

    We create live prototypes that allow you to evaluate user interactions within solutions, to learn user perception of the product, and to get deep understanding of the product.

  • 3
    Design and UI

    The solution we create must be friendly, easy to use, personalized. Future users must fill your care about them using the applications. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to UX/UI during the development process.

  • 4

    Our best developers implement software applications based on all the requirements, data, prototypes and other stuff, collected and created on previous stages. Usually, the process is iterational, so you’ll see first results really soon after the beginning of this stage.

  • 5
    Final Testing, Integration and Deploy

    We take much care of the product’s quality, so in addition to tests runned in the development stage, we run big and all-encompassing tests at the end. After that, we help to deploy the software on your servers and integrate our solutions with other existing systems in your environment.

  • 6
    Support and Maintenance

    Optionally, if you are interested in product support and maintenance, our specialists are good at it. We will upgrade the product to constantly changing environment and new business goals.

Why You Should Work with Us

Flexible Pricing and High Efficiency

We are ready to develop solutions with respect to your budget, preferences and deadlines

Ease-to-Use and Usability as a priority

We pay a lot of attention to make your solution intuitive, simple and easy to use on all devices. We try to create uncredible and meaningful user experience through UX prototyping

Superior Product Quality

We focus on product quality and put high attention to QA processes and automation to create a top-class product and deliver the expected results fast

The Best Team

There are a lot of talented and highly skilled professionals in Texode. We’re able to find new talents in short time by demand to provide your business domain expertise and experience

Our Workflow



You send us your project vision, ideas, requirements



We analyze your request and gather some information



You get our offer



We negotiate, discuss, ask and answer the questions



We sign the contract and start your project

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