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Challenge had been launched in 2000. In 2012 website owners decided to fully redesign technical platform, that had become outdated and hadn’t stood growing users count. We got the task to develop brand new service platform architecture and to create new website and mobile applications (iOS and Android).

We also were asked to design brand new UI in order to improve usability and user satisfaction.


We started the work in 2012 with 2–3 developers, business analyst and UI designer. It took a year to develop new web platform and launch it. Later, mobile developers joined the team.

We finished first stage of the project in 2014. It was real success, user base growth has become twice higher, user satisfaction has raised significantly. But it was not the end. We created a dedicated team for to support and develop new features for website and mobile applications. We have also been providing part-time professionals for on-demand. Our partnership is active and successful now.


JavaScript, JQuery, Less, Bootstrap
PHP, Zend Framework 2, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, Sphinx Search, RabbitMQ, JSON-RPC API (internal), RESTful API (public)
Ansible, Jenkins CI, Zabbix, Dedicated Servers
Objective C, iOS SDK, AFNetworking, Mantle, Firebase; Android, Java, Android SDK, SQLite, Gradle, Maven, Retrofit, Valley, OkHttp, WiFi, camera, OAuth APIs
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