Front-end Development

If you’re looking for developers for highly interactive, responsive web apps, that deliver an excellent UX and boost your brand, engage our front-end developers to take on your projects. We create stunning dynamic UIs that will amaze your users.

Front-end Web Development based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript technologies tied to UI/UX. Modern user interface is forced to be convenient, effective and fascinating. The best front-end tools, libraries and development approaches enable us to build great solutions for your business in the new digital world.

Tools and Frameworks

A few years ago the front-end technical field has experienced a revolution every year. Tools and libraries have retired in a year or two, development approaches have been changed right after. But nowadays the World has already got strong and established toolkit for front-end development. We use the latest tools to address a real user need.

Front-end development skills

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

  • Angular.js
  • jQuery
  • React.js
  • Backbone.js
  • Node.js


  • HTML 5
  • CoffeeScript
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • EcmaScript 6

CMS/CMF Integration

  • ModX
  • Wordpress

Server and Service Integration

  • WebSocket
  • RESTful web services


  • Node.JS
  • Gulp
  • WebPack
  • Axure RP