QA Test Automation

Test automation is not a universal method for every single project, it is a tool designed to complement manual testing. It has certain advantages: implementation of complicated testing scenarios with human factor excluded; saving resources from wasting them on frequent and routine operations; costs reduction of testing product in future by just launching testing scripts anytime it is needed.

Testing Automation Approaches


Data Driven Testing

The input information and expected results are stored as tables for easy tests results execution


Keyword Driven Testing

Test cases description is written using pre selected keywords


Behavior Driven Testing

Tests are focused on the behaviour of software rather than on technical implementation. Test cases are written on the language that is clear for business

Benefits of Automation Testing

  • 1
    Cost and Time Savings

    If the developed software is required to run some tests regularly, manual testing becomes very costly and time-consuming. Test automation offers to create tests just once and carries out them whenever you want and as many times as you need.

  • 2
    Employees Performance Improvement

    Sometimes test automation can be delivered by just one automated QA engineer and doesn’t need to keep a dedicated manual testing team to handle QA.

  • 3
    Faster time-to-market

    Automated tests can conduct parallely in multiple devices, platforms or browsers and significantly faster than a group of human users. As a result, it provides quicker product deployment.

  • 4
    Reliable Results

    Automated tests run accurately each time and improve testing quality. It excludes human errors that can take place when an engineer performing monotonous work can accidentally make mistake.

  • 5
    Comprehensive Testing

    Testers can create tests that cover every feature in software application.

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In our company there is a highly skilled team of automation engineers with many years of experience in web/mobile and API testing. They are experts in well-known technologies and frameworks. They strive to stay on top of the latest technologies, research best practices and examine new tools to improve the quality of our services. They have completed the projects in various business domains

Areas of Expertise

Web Testing Automation

We are proficient in testing web application fast, reliably and precisely. We create and carry out cross-browser UI tests by reproducing possible user actions

Mobile Testing Automation

Our team can automatically test mobile apps across multiple devices and platforms simultaneously

API Testing Automation

With QA automation, API testing becomes an easy task that can be accomplished significantly faster

Desktop Software (Windows) Testing Automation

Some software like CRM includes so much components, views and other entities that manual testing loses efficiency. It’s especially matters for regress testing

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