UI/UX Design

The highest priority of Texode is to create meaningful user experience. Finding the balance between creativity and usability is the key challenge for our team in UI/UX design projects. We try to create unique, innovative and memorable design for mobile applications, websites or web-based products. This approach helps to stand out among the huge pool of the web-based products.

For many years Texode’s specialists have researched users behaviour and habits. This knowledge allowed our team to complete a lot of projects across different business segments, gain rich experience and get the reputation of a professional UX/UI design company. Our solutions provides you to increase conversion rates, reduce the customer complaints, improve the level of user interactions with your product. And most importantly, your business achieve its goals


Texode offers the following UX/UI services:

  • Mobile applications
  • Complex websites and corporate internal portals, CRM and so on
  • Single page applications
  • Feature-rich SaaS solutions

Technologies We Use







UI/UX Design Process

  • 1
    User Research, Analytics & Discovery

    We try to understand your users and find the best way of their interactions with your product.

  • 2
    Information Design

    We identify the structure and organise the information that you would like to offer your audience. It should be clear for users so they could easily find whatever they need.

  • 3
    Interaction Design

    We deliver the pool of wireframe or prototypes to show how system reacts to user's actions and estimate his experience.

  • 4
    Visual Design

    We work with the design that makes your product visually pleasing and functional. Shapes, colors, spaces, fonts and other decorative but main elements of your product are all about impressions, emotions that product brings to your customer.

  • 5

    We develop the product according to the designs and wireframes.

Why You Should Contact with Us

Skilled Team

We have team of talented UI/UX designers and developers who are equipped with knowledge and experience to deliver the best solutions.

Creativity Blended with Latest Technology

To reach the balance between creativity, technologу and user experience is the core task that our team decides during every project.

Lucrative Results Which Meet your constraints

We are able to deliver solutions regard to your constraints: budget, deadlines and preferences

Rich UI Elements and Experience in Varied Businesses

For the years of work we get the significant experience in UX/UI design in the different business domains that helps us to understand the specific needs of every client and deliver fast results

Consistent Communications

We communicate with you regularly, provide you the update information regard to your project and respond your requests as fast as possible

Our Workflow



You send us your project vision, ideas, requirements



We analyze your request and gather some information



You get our offer



We negotiate, discuss, ask and answer the questions



We sign the contract and start your project

What You Will Get

  • Tailor-made products that people want to use because they are intuitive and simple
  • Robust solutions that are full of functionality and easy to scale
  • Enhanced visual products look and feel
  • Early prevention of usability issues and costly redesigns
  • LIncreased business impact through the grow of customer satisfaction, the increase of conversion rates and the excellent customer retention

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