Technology Consulting

Texode’s consulting services provide you with highly skilled product managers, analysts and technical specialists who have an outstanding knowledge of the latest technologies and development process. We help you understand and implement what you really need, balancing the technology, operational and financial goals.

That’s why IT consulting is real investment that will bring long-term benefits. No matter how huge the changes take place, our qualified help and permanent support save your precious time on gathering necessary expertise and accumulating experience and reduce your risks of loss from making wrong decisions in IT.

When You Need IT Consulting

  • You experience over-pressure on IT department because of business growth and environmental changes.
  • It’s hard to manage ever-changing business requirements.
  • You want to get done more having limited IT budget.
  • You are concerned about information security threats

Information Technology Consulting Services


Project Planning

Our consultants design your project architecture, create development plan and estimate project cost. We offer you pre-development and post release consulting services


IT Security Consulting

We are proficient in protecting your critical data from leaks and unauthorized access


IT Infrastructure Consulting

Our consultants create and audit infrastructure for the project needs and provide tech assistance to increase its technical productivity and make the development and support process more effective

What Benefits You Get from our IT Consulting

Reliable IT Outsourcing

Our consultants work fast and skillfully due to their excellent knowledge of modern technologies and accumulated experience.

Precise Analysis and Forecast

Our consulting team pays a lot of attention to research and analysis because we focus on the high system effectiveness and maintainability.

High Quality Standard

We set up a basement that provides fast project growth and stable work despite changing circumstances. As a result, the increased system productivity and IT improvement are provided.

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